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Sudhanshu Kumar test using file
- Sudhanshu Kumar

Dinesh It is a brilliant website for mathematics learners. Helped me to improve my calculations. Loved Vedic Mathematics!
- Dinesh

Arshjit Singh has helped me a lot during my JEE MAIN Examination Preparation. The study material and online testing provided by this website is fanatastic!
- Arshjit Singh

Dalip singh Lk gupta sir is the best teacher in chandigarh he does not want to earn money giving classes he just want results....he is the best teacher of mathematics. And I am proud to be his student.
- Dalip singh

Dikshant Ajgalley it is amazing......................
- Dikshant Ajgalley

Isharjot singh "PIONEER ROCKS" OTHER SHOCKS......
- Isharjot singh

Ritam Kanjilal This is a very useful site provided with necessary information. I am really thankful to the creators of this wonderful site.It will help the teachers and students a lot
- Ritam Kanjilal

chandrika tomar This site is awesome anybody can learn maths with the help of this site!!!! Iam thankful my father found this site for me now i can get full marks in my exam of maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee!
- chandrika tomar

chandrika tomar it is awesome anybody can learn maths with the help of this site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- chandrika tomar

Niveditha It's very interesting. It's very useful for me to do maths easily
- Niveditha

anjali I could learn maths in a easy manner.I could learn many maths tricks through vedic maths.On the hole I felt maths interesting.
- anjali

anjali it is very useful
- anjali

Abhilasha Bansal I visited vedic mathematics classes in pioneer, they were really good. many new things to learn. :)
- Abhilasha Bansal

ajay sudharsan i love it ! this site rocks :-)
- ajay sudharsan

Rishabh Goswami This is one of the best sites to prepeare for the competitve exams and boost the concepts of mathematics. Maths is often complained to be hard, but the way the website has been designed it cater to every needs of the students. Good work pioneer mathematics keep it up and thank you for providing me with necessary aid at times.
- Rishabh Goswami

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