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The side QR of triangle PQR is produced to a point S. If the bisectors of angle PQR and angle PRS meet at point T , then prove that angle QTR = 1/2 angle QPR

Posted by: yogesh mishra in Olympiad{RMO+INMO+IMO} 6 years ago, Total Answer(s): 2




To prove: Angle QTR = ½ angle QPR


Let angle TRS = a

Angle PRQ = 180 – 2a

Let angle TQR = b

Therefore, angle PQT = b

In triangle QPR

Angle QPR = 2a – 2b = 2 (a – b)

Similarly, in triangle QTR

Angle QTR = a – b


Therefore, angle QTR = ½ angle QPR

Hence prove.

By: ADMIN, 6 years ago

Given-triangle PQR AND QTR IN WHICH 

By: 137823, 2 years ago

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