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The College Board do not specify any SAT eligibility criteria for appearing in one of the most renowned entrance exams for undergraduate studies. However, since SAT scores are considered for admission to colleges, students are expected to opt for the test when they are in junior or senior high school. According to the SAT eligibility 2018, there is no maximum or minimum age limit set by the conducting authority. In the US, typically candidates take the exam in their junior or senior years of high school (Indian Grades 11th or 12th), to be precise, aspirants are roughly between 17 or 18 years of age when they take SAT test which is administered by the College Board.

Key Features

 Although the College Board does not prescribe any particular SAT 2018 eligibility criteria, students aged between 17-18 years of age mostly appear for the SAT 2018 test to get admission into colleges for undergraduate studies.

If a candidate is 12 years old or younger, he/she can register for SAT by mail only.

If a candidate is 13 years or older, he/she can create the free College Board account to register for SAT 2018.

According to the SAT 2018 eligibility, if a candidate is 21 years or older, then he/she must produce an official government-issued photo ID, like a driver’s license or passport, to the test centre.


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