Parental Control

  To protect your child from unwanted material from internet, Pioneer Mathematics is providing free software called Parental Control Software. Though many paid softwares are available in market but we are providing you free software links. Through this software you can limit your child’s internet access to the websites which do not contain inappropriate materials. Follow the following steps to install parental control software:

  • Click on K9 Web Protection.
  • On the new web page fill in your name and email id where your license key for this software will be sent.
  • Kindly, open your email account which you mentioned in the parental control form.
  • Follow the instructions in your email sent from K9 web protection.
  • Download the software by clicking on the mentioned link.
  • Register with your product license mentioned.
  • Choose the desired password after you have installed the software. (Make sure your child doesn’t know your password)
  • Set the priorities level and hence start limiting your child’s internet access.


    You can also use Parental control bar which works the same as above but is displayed on your browser's window. Kindly click on the link above to download the toolbar setup and help protect your child.

    The above 2 softwares cannot be removed / uninstalled from your computer without filling the password which you have set.

    NOTE:The above softwares works only with Internet explorer and Mozilla firefox. Make sure no other web browsers are installed on your pc. Browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc. cannot be controlled by parental control softwares since they have private browsing options. So kindly make sure your pc have only Internet explorer or Mozilla firefox installed in it. You can even apply the settings in which your child will be allowed to open only

    (K9 web protection and Parental control toolbar is not associated with The parental control software has been tested and verified by our technical team, but no gurantee can be taken for the future.)
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