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NCERT Exemplar is a very important resource book for those preparing for boards as well as competitive exams. The content of exemplar has been made after a good quality research by the respective authors. This book consists of a lot of conceptual questions which helps in cementing the foundation of the concepts of the various topics. Not only this book helps in concept building but also it helps in clearing the competitive exams as many questions come directly from it.

9th class NCERT Exemplar solution provides you the complete NCERT Exemplar solution of class 9th in an organised way. We provide errorless content that too in a smart way so as to solve the problems quickly. A student who is planning for preparing competitive exams must solve exemplar thoroughly. There are questions which come directly from NCERT Exemplar in various competitive exams like NTSE and many others.

Free NCERT Exemplar solution for class 9th

10th class NCERT Exemplar solution
If you are preparing for NTSE you cannot afford to miss practicing NCERT Exemplar. Class 10th students must practice this book thoroughly. Exemplar book has been crafted by the renowned professors and subject experts. This book helps in board exam preparation also.

Free NCERT Exemplar solution for class 10th

11th class NCERT Exemplar solution
For those candidates preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced exams, solving each and every problem of NCERT Exemplar is a must. As we know that highest buildings have strong foundations, similarly, exemplar book of class 11th mathematics lays strong foundation for huge global competition.

Free NCERT Exemplar solution for class 11th

12th class NCERT Exemplar solution
NCERT Exemplar is a must book to be prepared when you are going to give board exams. Many previous year papers prove that its a very important book which can't be neglected while preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced. The solutions of various problems of NCERT Exemplar will help the students to strengthen the foundation of the concept of mathematics.

Free NCERT Exemplar solution for class 12th 

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