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Regional Mathematical Olympiad is a state level exam to check the mathematical capabilities of the students. The time duration for RMO examination is 3 hours and the test will consist of 6 subjective problems.

The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad is conducted for those students who cleared the RMO Examination. From the test of INMO, 35 to 50 students are selected from all over India and are awarded with merit certificate and two Mathematics books. The examination is held in the third sunday of February. It takes place at 28 centres across the country and the time duration for exam is 4 hours.

International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp: The top 35-50 performers in INMO receive a certificate of merit. They are invited to a month long training camp (junior batch) conducted in May-June. In addition, INMO awardees of the previous year that have satisfactorily gone through postal tuition throughout the year are invited again for a second round of training (senior batch).The examination is held in the first sunday of February and the time duration for exam is 4 hours.

International Mathematical Olympiad: The team selected at the end of the camp, a "leader" and a "deputy leader," represent India at the IMO in a different member country of IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) each year. The examination is held in July consisting of two written tests and the time duration for each test is 4.5 hours.

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