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Stage-I: RMO (Regional Mathematical Olympiad):
Day of Examination: Second Sunday of October.
Time duration: 3 hours, containing 6 subjective problems.

Stage-II: INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad):
Day of Examination: Third Sunday of January. It takes place at 28 centres across the country.
Time duration: 4 hours.

Stage-III: IMOTC (International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp):
The top 35-50 performers in INMO receive a certificate of merit. They are invited to a month long training camp (junior batch) conducted in May-June. They undergo Lectures and Problem Solving sessions. In addition, INMO awardees of the previous year that have satisfactorily gone through postal tuition throughout the year are invited again for a second round of training (senior batch).

Stage-IV: IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad):
Month of Examination: July.
IMO consists of two written tests held on two days with a gap of at least one day. 
Time duration: Each test is of 4½ hours duration.


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