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IIT-JEE Paper Solutions Chemistry Part 1-2012


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Good Byeee IIT-JEE & AIEEE

Now all Engineering admission will be through ISEET


The Human Resource Development Ministry i.e Government of India has introduced a new pattern for enterance exam to get admission in all national reputed institutes of India and it will be in effect from 2013.ISEET will replace all the enternace examinations i.e AIEEE, IIT-JEE that were conducted till now and in the future ISEET will replace all the state level enterance examinations like MH-CET,Karnataka CET.



ISEET is one of the great move by the Govt. of  India. The main motive behind this exam is reduce the mental stress of the students as well as the financial burden of the students and parents also and save the time as well. Now the students can concentrate on single test only. It will automatically improve the chances for the students to get admission in good colleges. ISEET 2013 online test will be conduted twice in a accademic year. The score of ISEET online test will be valid for the coming two years and while multiple attempts are allowed for students to improve their their scores.



ISEET 2013 online test will be conduted twice in a accademic year. First test will be conducted in the month of April or May and second test will be conducted in the month of November or December. ISEET-2013 will be a single day examination in two sessions.

  • Morning Session- 10:00am - 01:00pm (3 Hours)
  • Evening Session- 02:00pm - 05:00pm (3 Hours)


ISEET Online test will be conducted in two parts:-


These two tests together will indicate the scholastic level and aptitude for science and engineering.



The ISEET MAIN is the objective type test and will be held in morning session. The duration for this test will be 3 hours. This test is basically conducted to test the students reading comprehension, critical thinking and logical reasoning. The weightage to ISEET MAIN is 30% minimum.


The ISEET ADVANCE is also a objective type test to be held in afternoon session. The duration of this test is 3 hours. This test is to test the students problem solving ability in basic science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths. The weightage to ISEET ADVANCE is 30% minimum.




Parameters for Selection through ISEET

 Percentage weightage at ISEET(minimum)

Weigthage of Board Examination


Weightage of ISEET Main


Weightage of ISEET Advance




A student’s performance in the Class 12 Board exam will be considered, with the weightage 40% minimum. The combined weightage for ISEET Main and ISEET Advance will not be more than 60 %.




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