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IIT JEE was conducted on 10th April 2011 & the students analyse their the basis of answer key & solutions provided by various coaching Institutes. But now the official answer key has been published by the JEE exam conducting authorities. The links for the paper 1 & 2 carrying answer key of chemistry, physics & math section are given hereunder:

IIT-JEE 2011 Answer keys Paper-1

IIT-JEE 2011 Answer keys Paper-2

There were errors in questions in both the paper 1 & 2 & so full marks will be awarded for question no.55, 64, 66 in paper 1 & question no.53 in paper 2.

Brief Explanation to some of the Answer Keys:

Physics: Paper-1 (Code-1) Q: 32: The candidates should realize that both the electron and proton enter into the magnetic field at the same time or at different times.

Mathematics: (Code-1):

Paper 1: Q55:
There is no non-singular 3x3 skew symmetric matrix. Full marks to be given to all.

Paper 1: Q64:
The common difference of the arithmetic progression can be either 0 or 6, and accordingly the second term can be either 3, or 9; thus the answers 3, or 9, or both 3 and 9 are acceptable.

Paper 1: Q66:
Taking x = 1, the integral becomes zero, whereas the right side of the equation gives 5. Therefore, the function f does not exist. Full marks to be given to all.

Paper 2: Q53:
w=e^{i\pi/3} is a typographical error, because of this the answer cannot be an integer. Full marks to be given to all.

The result for the IIT JEE 2011 will be declared on 25th May, 2011.


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