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This application is for showing your current mental health and give you the tips to Improve your Brain Health.

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What is Brain Memory?

Memory is the power of the brain to recall any information that has been stored in it. It is the power to remember something that has been learnt or experienced. Memory is important because if there was no memory, there would be no learning. We will forget things soon after learning them. We will not be able to recall any experience either.
The efficiency of the recall system is what makes your memory good or bad. As such, there is nothing like good memory and bad memory. It is just the matter of training your brain to recall efficiently.

What is Attention & how its play an important role in memory?

It has already been established that attention plays a very important role in memory. In fact, the first process of memory is attention. There is much more information in your environment than you can process at any one time. All our senses are absorbing a multitude of information from various sources and all this needs to be processed. At any given time, our brain is exposed to hundreds of messages that need its attention. But it can't process all these messages at the same time.

what is Memory Speed ?

Memory speed at which your brain processes information and carries out tasks, how you can test that speed and, through practice, how to ensure that you are fulfilling your maxi­mum potential. Sheer mental speed may not seem like the most glamorous or interesting of your mental abilities, but it is possibly the most important one. To understand why, it is necessary to explain how psychologists have investigated intelligence, and how they have arrived at the conclusion that mental speed may be the ultimate basis of intelligence.

What is Problem Solving?

The process of working through details of a problem to reach a solution. Problem solving may include mathematical or systematic operations and can be a gauge of an individual's critical thinking skills.

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