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It has been said that the dreams are our roadmaps to the future. We have the dreams to give you class education (instead of mass education), so we are committed on being the cutting-edge of using the internet as the widely spread & organized tool to give individual approach and to educate everyone perfectly. We have invented & built a system in which the student of every segment can take advantage.

 The Foundation - A giant step forward

PIONEER EDUCATION was founded on August 7, 1998 with the motto to give "Class Education instead of Mass Education." Instead of maintaining the number or quantity of the students we are maintaining the quality of our product by giving excellent results. Hundreds of our students are scholarship holders at national & international level & are from IITs, NITs and other engineering colleges and are working in top MNCs. We have produced lot of engineers, doctors, defense officers etc. Basically we have students from north India only, but now through the medium of internet we want to reach every Indian AND

  • Fulfill the dreams of the students who are coming to us.
  • Give the 100% result and to produce "Record Holders" & Toppers.
  • Give class education to those who are unprivileged by some reasons cannot afford higher education.

Now in 2008, after years of working devotedly and sincerely, we are happy that every year we are giving 100% satisfaction rate to our students and parents and fulfilling their expectations completely. 

"We work to beat International Standards."
 Our Focus - Common sense

The ground reality is that mathematics is 99% common sense & 1% syllabus. So basically we are focusing on common sense & making our students enough capable to do well in their competitions, studies & even in daily life by believing in their own common sense.

At Pioneer we believes that

  • Each individual is unique, that is why the stress in the course is on personal attention.
  • This is reflected in their exceptional results year after year as we give consistent results year after year with one of the best conversion ratios at all India level.
  • Focus on the fact to motivate the student to analysis his / her strength & specific goal.
  • This come through hard work & making them familiar to challenges they have on their way. 
 Quote - That Defines Us
C:\Pioneer Education\extras\Swami Vivekananda.jpgEducation by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet.

  Swami Vivekananda 


Pioneer Mathematics is first of its kind a unique portal of mathematics, containing each and every thing that a student can need to study & excel in mathematics. It will not only HELP you but also PREPARE you for all the national & international level examinations. Pioneer website has been launched on the basis of long teaching experience .This is an indispensable tool designed to help you excel in the exams.                                                                  

 The Study Material - Exclusive

This website shows very clearly, that what precisely to study and revise in every topic. Our packages will enable you to cover the course smoothly in the limited time at your disposal without wasting time on unnecessary things but without leaving any useful part behind.

DON'T FORGET: - The competition is really fierce. For example: about 2,60,000 sit for IIT-JEE out of which only 4000(approx.) students get a seat in the IIT.
From the next academic session we are going to launch the segments for junior & senior graduates and post graduates classes with all other subjects also.

 Reason to join us - Solve problems Smartly
  • You will get right guidance and path to achieve your goals.
  • You will get right matter for practice and enhance your mathematical skills (to beat your competitors).
  • You will get 24 hr-availability of testing and practicing (via website) to fit in tight schedule (freedom of Work).
  • Right amount quality level of questions.
  • Provide best learning system for boards:- Helps you in preparing best presentation for fetching 100% marks.
Ultimately what matters to us is your improvement and your result.
 From the Pioneer's Team - Well Experienced & Educated

To have optimum success, one has to develop excellent examination skill, possess good study material and chalk out an excellent course plan. "Anybody can do well in good times, but if you do well even in bad times that is what matters. So try to continue with your studies even in the times of suppression"   because   "Perfection is making the best effort within the constraints of space, time and resources".

In the house of God only labour is rewarded.

By Prof. L.K.Gupta
(Project Director)
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