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a person spends 40 percent of his salary on food items and 1/3 rd of remaining on transport after spending on food items amf transport he spends 50 percent of balance on other items and save rs 450/- per month. what is his income?

Posted by: tarun mehta in Olympiad{RMO+INMO+IMO} 7 years ago, Total Answer(s): 1


The given data is-

He spends 40% of his salary o Food....(1)

Then, 1/3rd of remaining on trasport...(2)

Then, 50% of the remaining on other items...(3)

And, (HIS TOTAL INCOME)-(1+2+3)=Rs. 450. .....(4)


Now, Let his total income be Rs. 100 (say)

Therefore, Amount he spends in (1)=40% of Rs100=Rs. 40

Remaining = (100-40)=Rs 60

From this, he spends 1/3rd on transport...(Given)

Therefore, Amount spend ion Transport= 1/3 of Rs. 60= Rs. 20

Again, Remaining= (60-20)= Rs. 40 

From this, he spends 50% on other items...(Given)

Therefore, Amount spent on other items=50% of Rs. 40= Rs. 20

Therefore, His Saving =Rs.(40-20)= Rs. 20  (According to eq (4))

Now, apply Unitary Method-

Here, Let his income be Rs (x).

               When his income is Rs. 100 -----------> His savings is Rs. 20

Therefore, When his income is Rs. (x) ------------> His Savings will be Rs. 450

By cross multiplication, we get-

x= Rs(45000/20) =Rs.2,250.....(Ans)



By: Nikhil Ahirrao, 7 years ago

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