Mathematics Monster

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This is a unique feature of this portal, to reward the best brains visiting this website. Its very simple and easy to have fun through mathematics monster. If you are confident of yourself, go ahead and beat the monster. Kindly read the following points before starting:

·         There are 10 levels containing puzzles with options.

·        Each level contains one or two puzzles.

·         You will have to select the correct answer among the given options.

·         After clearing each level you will be automatically directed to the next level.

·         Prizes will be given only if your clear 10 levels.

·         When you won, a reward of worth Rs.21000/- will be couriered at your mentioned address in the registration form.

·         The validity of your account is till the midnight of the last date of the month in which you have subscribed or registered.


So, Register now and gear up to face the wild Mathematics Monster. 
Kindly read rules and regulations for more details.
Best of Luck...

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