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 What is new in 11th class ???

NCERT has revised the syllabus for 11th class mathematics & added some new topics in NCERT 11th class text book. 

Kindly click on the link for downloading those newly added topics.

Kindly click here for downloading the revised syllabus for 11th class.

Maths Short Solution For Class 11th CBSE

Pioneer Mathematics is providing self study material for class 11th. Samples of which are as shown below:



isosceles triangles


geometric progression formula

11th CBSE smart tricks

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11th CBSE Sample papers

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11th CBSE students, just an year and half, the dream institution is going to be decided. Put in every single effort to turn your dreams into reality. There is no looking back but look forward to become Pioneer of every subject you practice. For Mathematics, we take responsibility of making you a mathematics champion.

11th class students do not know the quality of the material they are practicing and even a single mistake can do a big blunder. For ex: A single mark in AIEEE can put you behind of front of 5000 students. So every single step or concept will determine your dream turning into reality.

For 11th CBSE students Pioneer Mathematics has 3 training levels namely

  1. Boards.
  2. AIEEE.
  3. IIT JEE. 

Following are the 11th class mathematics coaching details

  • Complete free NCERT solutions also included reference books discussion R.D. Sharma solutions.
  • Rigorous online testing of each chapter will surely build a strong grip on all concepts.
  • Model test papers - Boards, AIEEE and IIT-JEE.
  • Previous years solved papers - Boards, AIEEE and IIT-JEE.
  • Latest pattern mock tests - Boards, AIEEE and IIT-JEE.
  • Vedic mathematics to train you become human calcluator and do calculations lightning fast.
  • SL Loney trigonometry solutions and SL Loney coordinate geometry solutions.
  • Hall and Knight solutions.
  • Exclusive mathematics IIT JEE study material and AIEEE shortcuts, tips and tricks.
  • Objective practice with smart solutions making you smart in mathematics which means a question for whom you took 3 minutes to solved, can now be solved in less than 40 seconds and its truly applicable with Pioneer Smart Mathematics.

11th R.D. Sharma solution is not available anywhere and this is the most important book for getting extra mathematics knowledge and strengthening the base. RD Sharma book is regarded as mathematics base for AIEEE. Pioneer Mathematics is here with complete RD Sharma discussion whenever you require. Complete R.D Sharma solving guidance will be given to the students. Students can solve all their RD Sharma doubts whenever they feel like.

SL Loney trigonometry book, SL loney coordinate geometry book and Hall & Knight book . These 3 books are the best books IIT-JEE preparation. Students and even teachers find very difficult to solve these books. But Pioneer Mathematics is here for their help. Complete SL Loney trigonometry and coordinate geometry solutions are given to the students. Also includes Hall and Knight complete solutions.

Complete 11th class online coaching for Boards, AIEEE and IIT-JEE will enhance their mathematics skills and make students a mathematics expert. CBSE preparation, AIEEE preparation and IIT-JEE preparation of 11th class by Pioneer Mathematics guarantees success in mathematics smartly.


Class 11th Course Details
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